If you are interested in gaining the utmost comfort and usefulness out of your dentures, you must be willing to take care of your dentures. There are a lot of steps involved in taking care of your dentures but one of the most important steps is ensuring that they are cleaned. One way of doing this is to soak them overnight. However, we will not go deeper into explaining dentures and how to clean dentures as this article is strictly on the top five reasons WHY you should clean your dentures. Watch for that in a future blog!

The top five reasons why you should clean your dentures are

1.  Presence of pores in Dentures: Dentures look rigid in appearance, but acrylic which is used as the most common base material is virtually filled with tiny pores. The pores may be negligible for you to see but they can also serve as shelter to an entire community of bacteria. When you combine the number of bacteria in all the pores in the denture, there’s a large population of bacteria in your dentures that you need to keep under check as failure to do so can lead to a worst case scenario- gum disease.

2.  Increase in bacteria as you grow old: The pores that are found in your dentures are not the only cause of increased risk of gum disease. As we grow older, the number of bacteria in our mouth also grows. This bacteria which are infectious organisms, grow and establish themselves in your mouth over time as you are exposed to them. As you age your ability to produce anti-bacterial saliva decreases. This can be related to medications that can impair saliva production and to an extent may be from the dentures themselves.

3.  Allows your gums to rest: Your gums aren’t up to the task of holding the force of your teeth. Your bone sees to this by supporting your teeth. So it is only logical that your gums will be sore at the end of any day of supporting your dentures. It’s best to give them a rest.

4.  Adequate Sanitation: Dentures are very porous. If you look at dentures through the microscope, you might see a lot of holes in them. Cleaning them is the only way to diminish this bacteria especially when you soak them in cleansing solutions.

5.  Helps keep your breath fresh: There are multiple reasons for bad breath one of them being that an overgrowth of bacteria in your mouth. If you clean your dentures twice daily, foods that you enjoy like garlic and coffee etc can’t leave any residue of smell.

Denture Cleaning Services Airdrie

Finally having known the top five reasons why you should clean dentures, you should also bear in mind that dentures should be cleaned professionally every six months or at least once a year to have them professionally polished so that food and essentially bacteria can’t stick to your denture. If you are new to Woodside Denture Centre is happy to offer a free denture cleaning to you to get you started!