Alberta’s population similarly with the rest of Canada’s is growing old. According to reports “As of March 2011, there were about four hundred and ten thousand seniors in Alberta buy by 2031, when the last of the baby booms reaches sixty-five years of age, it is estimated that they will be more than nine hundred and twenty-three thousand seniors.” An ageing population is said to have a lasting economic and social effect for Alberta province leading to opportunities and challenges over a wide range of area. Response to these opportunities and challenges will be a collaborative involvement of various partners in areas such as Finance, transportation, housing, health, infrastructure, municipal affairs, community services, public safety and others. It will also require lots of actions from the government, the private and non-profit sectors, communities, families and individuals.

Benefits of Denture Alberta

This has led to the introduction of the Alberta benefits program to aid Alberta seniors, low income or pensioners to have access to health, financial and housing services. The amount of benefit you may be able to receive is determined by four criteria that include: Your accommodation category, your marital cohabitation status, your income combined with that of your spouse or partner and whether you are eligible for the federal old Age security tension. The Government of Alberta through the Alberta benefits program makes a provision for denture services for its seniors.

The Alberta health under its benefits program provides the Alberta Denture benefit program for seniors. The Alberta denture benefit program which is based on income provides low-to-moderate income senior with financial assistance to access dental services that help achieve a reasonable level of health. This health benefit is available for the residents of Alberta that are sixty-five years of age and also their dependents. To qualify for this denture service benefit you must be a resident of Alberta who is sixty-five years old, you and your dependents must have reached the criteria for eligibility: only then can you automatically qualify for the health benefits program.

To attain eligibility you must be sixty-five years or older and have an income level within the limits allowed by the program. Generally a single senior with an annual income of twenty-six thousand nine hundred and sixty-five Canadian dollars or less and senior couples with a combined annual income of forty-three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five Canadian dollars or less are eligible for the benefit. Secondly, you must have been a resident of Alberta for at least three months before you can be eligible and you must also be a Canadian citizen or have been admitted into Canada for permanent resident.

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Before you can access the health benefits you must register with a proof showing that are you are a senior, and a genuine document that you are a resident of Alberta such as your birth certificate, old age pension entitlement, passport, immigration record, or naturalisation or citizenship certificate. The Alberta denture service benefit program is categorised into single coverage that is available to residents who has no dependents and family coverage available to residents of Alberta and dependents that met the eligibility criteria.

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