When losing your teeth there are a few options, and conventional dentures are usually one of the predominant choices people end up choosing. Although conventional dentures are what many people default to, it is considered a last resort in comparison to other treatment options. The most ideal treatment option is usually implant-retained dentures as it can mimic natural teeth as well as preserve bone. When considering dentures, you will usually hear about the benefits, we are here to inform you of the disadvantages of conventional dentures. Here are some common issues with conventional dentures if you are considering getting dentures.

  • They don’t feel or function like natural teeth
  • Looseness – There is no mechanical retention
  • Feels bulky
  • Taste is reduced
  • The bone where the teeth were are highly prone to shrinking and resorbing
  • Harder to chew tough foods

Other options that minimize the common denture problems include equilibrated dentures, suction dentures, and dentures that are retained by implants. Implants create mechanical retention of the dentures so they can clip in place or be screwed retained. When considering dentures its good to understand all the different treatment options, there is more than just a conventional denture.

When considering a new set of dentures, here at Woodside Denture Centre we can provide you with the right treatment plan that suits your individual needs.

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