Surgical Denture

  • Within the first year of the healing process with your surgical dentures, it is expected for the denture to become loose.
  • During this year Woodside Denture Centre will make every effort to assist in your transition with adjustment and Temporary Liners. Denture adhesives are often used to help keep denture stable between temporary lining appointments.

Use of Denture Adhesives

  • The use of denture adhesives can be very helpful in keeping your dentures in place and stable during your transition with surgical dentures. Adhesives are especially helpful when your surgical dentures start get loose while your oral tissue goes through the healing process.
  • It also helps if used for a sense of security knowing that the denture is mechanically adhered in place
  • There are many different kinds like Poligrip or Fixadent, both come in either paste form or in powder.
  • Denture adhesives are recommended to be used in minimal amounts, usually the suggested amount indicated by the product used.
  • Denture adhesives are considered safe if used properly according to the products instructions

Using Adhesives with a Temporary liner in place

  • Only use suggested amounts of denture adhesive or less
  • When you start using more or feel like you need more adhesive:
    • It is an indication that there is change in your oral tissue and supportive structures are shrinking
    • May indicate time to book an appointment for a new Temporary Liner

Why you don’t want to use more Denture Adhesive than indicated

  • Denture Adhesives can pull Temporary liner away from dentures, Causing:
    • Air Pockets, where bacteria and fluids build up (which can smell really bad….ewwww!)
    • Sore spots
    • Ill fitting dentures that don’t seat down properly
  • Too much denture adhesive can harm your health
    • Denture adhesives dissolve throughout the day and are ingested. Usually considered safe if used properly according to product indications
    • Ingesting too much over time can make you feel sick or affect your health
  • Can cause dentures to break
    • If too much adhesive is added to fill in space, dentures may not seat properly in place and become misaligned.
    • The forces from chewing with dentures that are misaligned can cause them to crack or fracture.