When it comes to dentures, they do more than help chew food. Dentures are also framed by a smile and is usually what other people notice first. Media puts a lot of pressure on the aesthetics of a perfect smile. So, what happens when one is embarrassed with their teeth or smile? One may be embarrassed because the denture is too big, teeth are too big, too small, teeth are misaligned, teeth are stained, chip on a tooth, missing a tooth, or Denture is Loose and fear it will fall out, etc. Whatever the reason, it can affect one’s confidence and can be debilitating for many. The impact one’s confidence regarding their teeth or dentures esthetically and functionally can influence the emotional and physical health dramatically, it can also affect one’s relationship with friends and family.

Self confidence can be affected by problematic natural teeth to dentures, esthetically or how they fit and function.  These problems can lead to one or more of the following:

  • Hiding one’s smile
    • Proven to lead to sadness and depression
  • If not functioning properly, one may not eat properly or enough
    • This can lead to malnutrition and health issues or causing further health issues and slower recovery rates
    • Malnutrition also plays a huge factor in one’s emotional health
  • Less inclined to be in public, eat out, social activities and friend/family functions
  • Self hate
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Relationship problems

So how can someone remedy their situation and these issues if rooted from their teeth or dentures?

When it comes to dentures, suction cup dentures airdriea lot of these issues are easier to address compared to natural teeth. If you are experiencing issues from the aesthetics or fit of your dentures contact a denturist. Compared to a dentist, Denturists specialize in dentures and are usually equipped in house to address your needs instead of sending it out to a lab.

 Some solutions from a denturist may include:

  • If dentures are feeling loose and unstable
    • A reline can help this issue depending on age or condition of denture
    • A new denture, if reline is not recommended
  • If Chipped or broken tooth
    • A repair can replace the tooth or space
  • If the esthetics or the denture design is the issue
    • Usually fixed with new dentures
      • Dentures can be customized to enhance esthetics
      • Options in choosing tooth shade, sizing and how they are set
      • Wax try ins are available to see how they look before finishing (Unless it is a surgical denture)
    • If the function of the denture is the issue
      • Will need to be assessed by the denturist to identify the problem and how it can be resolved
    • If you have problematic natural teeth
      • Seeing a dentist will be involved for treatment planning
      • Treatments can be done by dentist regarding natural teeth
      • Dentist and denturist will treatment plan together for
        • Removable Partial Dentures
        • Surgical dentures if natural teeth need extractions
        • Implant dentures if indicated

Many clients don’t realize how much a new smile can affect their confidence until they experience having a new denture, it is life changing for many. If you feel like your lifestyle or confidence is affected by your current dentures or you have natural teeth considering a denture, Contact Woodside Denture Centre for a free consultation @ 403-948-0954