Have you considered getting your dental implants outside of North America? The idea can be quite enticing, a nice vacation, cheap pricing for dental work, dentures and dental implants. Those may be some good reasons to cross the borders to get dental work done, but here are some reasons why you should think twice. There are some people who are lucky and encounter no issues with their dental work, but there are many people who are not as lucky. There are many people who come home from their trip to find problems with their dentures or dental implants. If you have the finances, go back to where you got the work done to enjoy another vacation is nice and hopefully, they can fix the problem. If they can not address and fix the problem that visit, it may cost you multiple trips. If finances are not in your favor and you are having issues with your dental work, you may try seeing a local Denturist or Dentist to fix your issues. At that point, it can get complicated if you need to see a local dental practitioner to fix certain issues.

When presenting dental implants, dental work or dentures issues from another country to a local Denturist or Dentist, the problem arises if no one here wants to deal with it. The reason for this is that dental professionals may not know where to begin fixing an issue depending on the severity. When getting work done in a different country the issues are:

  • Unknown Infection prevention & control standards
  • Lack of information from procedures done
  • Complications during procedures
  • Unknown quality control standards
  • Types of materials used may vary greatly from North America
  • Types and Brands of implants may be unknown or may not be accessible in North America
  • Improper placement of implants
  • Dentures could be poorly fabricated

Getting dental work out of the country may save you some money if you are lucky, but in the end, you may spend more money trying to fix issues. Problems without of country dentures and implants are more common than you may think. If you are considering getting dental work done from out of the country, make sure you think twice and stay with a local specialist.