Dentures that are not labelled can cause chaos and stress for many who live in a senior’s residence, have hospital visits, scheduled surgeries or struggle with loss of memory. Dentures can be easily misplaced at mealtime or at night. When dentures are lost, men and women may find it difficult to eat, speak, and socialize. Making new dentures can be time-consuming, requiring several visits to and from the denture office. This causes stress and may impact the quality of life.

It is difficult, especially for those with dementia, as they may not be able to tolerate having an impression taken or be able to provide feedback on fit. Clients will also find it expensive compared to the cost of labelling.

There are options when it comes to denture labelling but at Woodside Denture Centre we have upgraded our technology allowing us to permanently engrave the denture making it invaluable when misplaced or lost. The engraving process takes less than a ½ hour to complete. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • First, the denture is placed in the laser engraving machine and the engraving starts with a push of a button.
  • The second step is the application of light cure ink into the engraved space.
  • Finally, clear acrylic is applied over the top and polished to finish.

Denture Engraving Services Airdrie

Save time, money and prevent the loss of your dentures by engraving your name.  A simple engraving at Woodside Denture will have you feeling stress-free the next time you are required to remove your dentures.  Woodside Denture Centre now offers engraving for the low cost of $80/pair for existing dentures and is included in the cost of new dentures. Call 403-948-0954 to book your appointment today.