Every wonder why your denturist recommends getting a new set of dentures every 5-7 years, even though you feel like your dentures are fine? You get relines routinely every 2 years already to help the fit, so why bother with new dentures? Here are some reasons why denturists recommend new dentures routinely every 5 -7 years.

1. Bone Shrinkage

  • When dentures are made the teeth are set directly on top of the supporting boney ridge, this maximizes biting force and the stability of the denture. As years go by the supporting boney ridge shrinks away vertically & horizontally, causing the dentures to be loose and unstable. Relining the denture may help with the fit of the dentures by filling in the space that has resorbed away but does accommodate the position of the teeth and supporting ridge.
  • After 5 years the bone may shrink away from where the teeth were set, this means the teeth are no longer directly over the bone.
  • When chewing, the forces are now directed off the bone with creates a teetering effect with the dentures, causing the dentures to dislodge easier
  • The constant teetering can also accelerate the shrinkage of the supporting ridge

2. Worn down teeth

  • The teeth on the denture may have worn down and chewing is less efficient
    • Worn down teeth means you will have to work harder to chew foods, which can over time overwork and damage your TMJ (temporal mandibular joint). This is similar to problems with the knee joint
  • Chewing harder may continue to wear the teeth down, and the extra forces may cause the denture to fracture

3. Quality of overall Denture

  • With the layers of relines over the years and the teeth getting a new denture wearing down the space between the upper denture and lower denture may have changed.
  • Either space has increased, or space has decreased due to a bulky reline. Every Millimetre makes a difference when it comes to dentures
    • Too much space – will subtly wear down your jaw joint (TMJ) while losing chewing & biting strength
    • Not enough space – will make your jaw feel tired and sore, which also causes damage to your TMJ. One may feel like they are constantly clenching their teeth together.
  • Acrylic is porous
    • The oral cavity is full of bacteria and with the denture constantly in your mouth every day, the denture harbors bacteria over the years that cannot be cleaned
    • Harboring bacteria is especially concerning with neglected hygiene and Soft/temporary liners
    • Constant exposure to bacteria may cause health issues if immunity is low or affect your immunity in the long run
    • This also affects the quality of the acrylic as the years go by, depending on many different factors from the ph level of your saliva to how the dentures are cleaned etc.

4. Many insurance companies cover a new set of dentures

  • Clients should maximize the coverages provided as insurance companies already try to prolong how often they want to cover services rendered.

Reasons why YOU should consider a new denture every 5 – 7 years

  1. Within the 5 to 7 years you lost a sufficient amount of weight
    • If your weight has been fluctuating significantly
  2. There were big changes in your previous relines
  3. Overall health issues
  4. Trauma to the Jaw
  5. Dentures that have been fractured and repaired
    • Especially if fracture or repaired multiple times
  6. If you have a soft liner
  7. If the teeth are worn down

In getting new denture every 5 -7 year, you are investing in keeping your oral cavity healthy for dentures in the long run. Routinely investing dentures can:

  1. Maintain a healthy environment for dentures to function efficiently, in the years to come
  2. Minimize bone loss, healthy bone is vital for denture wearers
  3. Have dentures properly designed to maximize chewing function
    • Teeth set to be over the ridge
    • New sharper teeth
    • Dentures made from fresh impressions
    • Properly measured spacing
  4. Fresh acrylic or liners minimizing exposure to bacteria

Unfortunately, the oral cavity is constantly changing, and usually not changing in a way that is beneficial for dentures. The Supporting ridge will continue to resorb for the rest of your life and usually does not regrow after it shrinks. Also, don’t forget that dentures are a prosthesis that relies on the quality of supporting tissue in the mouth, and at best can only provide one with 15 – 20 % biting strength. Therefore, it is important to maintain your oral health and keep out with routine relines and the routine of investing in new dentures every 5 – 7 years. In doing this, you can do your part in creating a healthy environment for your dentures while delaying the resorption of the bone.  This in return will enhance your experience with dentures as the years go by. If you are past due feel free to call Woodside Denture Centre for a free consultation @ 403-948-0954