Dentures can be an overwhelming process especially when it’s your first time. Woodside Denture Centre in Airdrie, Alberta has created a step by step visual to allow you to understand and appreciate the process of the making of your dentures. The one large difference is that we have an in-house laboratory! We do not send your dentures away like most dentists but have our technicians on hand for every step. This allows quick corrections and less allowance for error. We trust our step by step visual will put you and your family at ease as you begin the journey towards your first pair of dentures.

Step 1 – Chair Side

  • Preliminary impressions and centric tray recordings

Woodside preliminary impressions

  • Taking a Lower Alginate Impression

Woodside Lower Alginate Impression

  • Preparing the alginate for the impression.

Woodside Preparing the alginate

  • Bite Record with Centric Tray

Woodside Bite Record


Step 2 In-House Laboratory

  • Laboratory Pouring Impressions and Mounting

Woodside Pouring Impressions

  • Mounting preliminary models with a centric bite record

Woodside Mounting preliminary

  • Building Custom Impression Trays

Woodside Buildling Mounting Trays


Step 3 Chair Side

  • Taking Final impressions with custom trays

Woodside Buildling Final Impressions

  • Recording the bite with the gnatho meter

Woodside Recording the Bite

  • With specific jaw movements and an arrowhead is produced on the coloured area

Woodside Jaw movements

  • Apex of the arrowhead (red circle) is where the bite is recorded with bite registration material

Woodside Red Arrow


Step 4 In-House Laboratory

  • New stone models are poured in the final impressions before mounting

Woodside Stone Models

  • Setting up the teeth in the Wax

Woodside Wax SetUp


Step 5 Chairside

  • The Wax try in

Woodside Try In


Step 6 In-House Laboratory

  • The wax denture is invested in stone and melted away, then replaced with injecting acrylic into the space

Woodside Melt Away

  • Laboratory finishing the denture

Woodside Before Polish

  • Before polish / After Polish

Woodside After Polish

Step 7 Chairside

Delivery 😊 Visit our Denture Gallery to view our Before and Afters and see all our customers happy smiles.

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