A revolutionary new technique has been developed in Japan by Dr. Jiro Abe for lower dentures. It was previously thought that suction on the lower dentures wasn’t possible, but Dr. Abe’s simple four-step fabrication technique enhances the suction effect of full lower dentures. This technique is spreading around the world and becoming an integral part of treating patients. It’s a great alternative to surgery, as implants are now not necessary to keep the lower denture stable and patients report enhanced chewing and denture function improvement.

This technique uses a revolutionary new way of taking impressions. It uses a frame cut back tray to record the specific anatomical features of dental soft tissue and the underlying bony structures and minimize any distortion. It also uses a special bite registration device and adjustable articular to simulate your jaw movements. This allows the contouring and shaping of the denture base so it works in harmony with chewing, speaking and tongue muscles. This impression technique allows for a more accurate denture form and thus, better denture suction.

Lower Dentures Airdrie

Megan Skarsen travelled to Vancouver to study under Dr. Abe from Japan to be able to provide the lower suction denture technique to her patients. She is one of the first certified Mandibular Suction Denturists in Alberta! She desires the best for her patients and it was important to find the best, most convenient option when it comes to dentures. Taking this course and becoming certified will bring relief and enjoyment to her many current and future clients. Visit her at Woodside Denture Centre today to see if lower suction dentures might be a great alternative to surgery for you!