Patients often wonder if getting dentures will affect their speech? It’s a legitimate concern and there is definitely an adjustment period where talking, chewing and normal activities will feel different. Once you’ve learned to adjust, you should be able to communicate normally. It usually takes about 2 weeks for your tongue to get use to the new environment. If not, it’s a sign that something’s not quite right with your dentures. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Your Dentures Are the Wrong Height or Size

If your dentures aren’t made properly, the teeth might be too short or too long for your mouth. This can cause challenges for your tongue as it positions itself to make the sounds required to communicate. This may also cause soreness in your jaw after eating or can bring general discomfort to your mouth. There will always be an adjustment period with new dentures, but poorly made ones will prolong this period of time or make it so you can never quite communicate or chew properly.

As well, dentures can be made too big for your mouth. This changes the size of your mouth and the way sound travels through it, possibly making speech very difficult.

  1. Your Dentures Are Loose in Your Mouth

Sometimes dentures click during speech because they slip out while the person is talking. This is absolutely a sign your dentures are loose and ill-fitting. Another sign of loose dentures is when your tongue is working hard to keep dentures in place and doesn’t have the ability to focus on what you are saying and the sounds it needs to make. You may be mispronouncing words and finding it very difficult to coordinate all of this movement in your mouth.

  1. Your Dentures Don’t Fit Comfortably in Your Mouth

Dentures that are poorly made will not feel comfortable in your mouth. Even if they’re tight fitting, the thickness of the denture may affect your speech because it feels uncomfortable to talk or do anything with your tongue due to lack of space. You could return to your denturist to get them adjusted, but it’s best to have them made well in the first place.

So, we’ve determined that poorly made and ill-fitting dentures can affect your speech and shown how they do so. Dentures that are made well and fit properly in your mouth will allow you to speak clearly. They should be secure against the roof of your mouth, be sized properly with the right teeth height, and should not change the size of your mouth or the way sound will carry through it.

If you have poorly fitting dentures, please get in touch with us to see if yours can be adjusted to fit properly. If you’re looking for new dentures, carefully choose a reputable denturist with good reviews and experience. At Woodside Denture Centre, we’ll ensure we give you the best dentures money can buy, allowing you to get back your best smile while being able to speak clearly and fluently. Get in touch with us at 403-948-0954 to book your free consultation today!