Why Reline?

  • Your bone is continuously shrinking for the rest of your life if you are missing teeth
  • When your denture starts to get loose, the movement can make the denture hard to use and if there is constant rubbing of the dentures can cause sore spots or accelerate the shrinkage of your bone
  • Relines are implemented to fill in the space of the denture and your gums that have shrunk.
  • The relined dentures will refit to your gums and will minimize the looseness, rubbing, and minimize the rate of shrinkage of your bone.
  • A reline will give you a more stabilized and a better fit of the denture
  • Insurance or seniors plans cover them every 2 years

What relining entails?

What relining entails?

  • Coming into the office in the morning for a new impression taken in your dentures
  • Leaving the dentures for half a day
  • Dentures are often given back to you the same day

When should you get a reline

  • Relines are recommended every 2 years
  • Insurance usually covers relines every 2 years, not usually covered by insurance companies.
  • For immediate or surgical dentures, it is highly recommended to get you first reline initially 6 – 12 months after insertion of dentures.
  • The temporary liner is removed and replaced with acrylic

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