Surgical Dentures


A surgical denture is a prosthetic appliance placed in the mouth at the time of your teeth extractions. The appliance may replace single, multiple or all your teeth.  The surgical denture will prevent excess swelling, bleeding and infection which are complications associated with dental extractions.  The benefits of a surgical denture are that it allows you to carry on both business and social obligations with minimal interruption. Surgical dentures are a work in progress/temporary solution while healing occurs and further adjustments are part of the game- there is no way of avoiding them with the changes that occur to your jawbone.

Here at Woodside Denture Centre, we understand that the transition into dentures can be a big and intimidating endeavor. Understanding that we make every effort to minimize your transition by providing adjustments and temporary linings helping your fit, function and comfort. This care is all included in the initial denture cost.

  • Advantages
    • Patient can carry on both business and social obligation without interruption
    • Controls bleeding and swelling
    • Protects against trauma, lessens pain and prevents irritation from the outside environment and tongue
    • Denture acts as a splint
    • Prevents loss of muscle action and tissue habits
    • Prevents possible TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
    • Can provide the client with a new smile
  • Disadvantages
    • More office visits required
    • There is no opportunity to observe the anterior teeth at the try-in appointment, therefore, the denture cannot be fully assessed.
    • Less accuracy in initial fit due to swelling Please keep in mind that complete dentures are a removable appliance and at best will only restore 20% of your chewing function
    • There is quite a lot of guesswork involved, due to the ‘straight-in’ procedure

Following the stabilization of your oral structures, which takes between 6 months and a year, we will recommend that the temporary relines be replaced with a more permanent acrylic reline, a new denture or a fixed option such as an implant retained denture – whichever is the most appropriate for your situation. The amount of shrinkage and healing time will vary slightly from one person to another.

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