Did you know that 50 million sets of dentures are produced across the world every year?

One in every 100 sets are now 3D printed… and this number is growing year on year! In fact, it is estimated that up to 40% of dentures will be made using 3D printing in the not too distant future.

If you need dentures for the first time, or your old pair of dentures are looking a little worse for wear, you may be interested in 3D dentures, but a little worried about how safe or secure they are. Don’t worry… 3D dentures are not only safe but a great option for in a pinch and extremely comfortable too!

Here is our short guide to explain how we will work with you to create your first pair of 3D dentures. If you would like to know more about the process or arrange a free consultation with our dental team, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at our Airdrie Denture Clinic! Alternatively, we can also scan your mouth no impressions necessary.

1.      We take your measurements

The first step of creating your bespoke set of 3D dentures is taking your measurements.

We start by taking a mould of your mouth, as we would with a traditional set of dentures. With traditional dentures, we would then have our in house dental technologist create your dentures, but we can use this mould to create your brand-new dentures digitally instead!

2.      We create your dentures

We place the impression of your mouth in our innovative 3D scanner, which creates a digital model of your mouth in seconds! We double-check the model for accuracy and then add the teeth which best match your mouth and face. We then download the file which will be used in our 3D printer.

We then upload this file into our onsite 3D printer, and it gets to work creating your brand new dentures from a block resin. Resin is an excellent material to make dentures from as it is hard-wearing and extremely safe.

The finished dentures are cleaned and trimmed, and the base and teeth are attached together securely, ensuring that you will be able to smile with complete confidence!

3.      You’re ready to pick up your dentures!

Your brand new set of 3D dentures are now ready to wear! Once you have come back into the office to pick them up, we will help you try them to make sure the fit is just right, and then they are ready to take home with you!

The great thing is that we now have your measurements on file, so if you damage or lose your dentures, we can 3D print another set for you without you even having to come into the office.