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Trust in Woodside

Since first opening in 2003, we at Woodside Denture Centre have strived to find ways to provide the best possible treatment options to our patients. This has grown through the integrity of our staff which includes their efforts to be informative helping patients first and foremost to understand the recommendations for the treatment options being presented to them.  The office includes a modern, fully equipped lab and experienced full-time lab technicians allowing most denture needs to be completed on site. Megan, the owner operator, believes in keeping herself & staff current with the latest techniques being used in the industry and supporting ongoing training where applicable.  Of course, we can’t emphasize enough how much we value the strong liaison we presently share with dentists in Airdrie and surrounding communities offering the best coordinated treatment options for our mutual patients.

Building Long Term Relationships

We are most interested in developing an even stronger relationship with dentists making a team approach.  We hope the patient will then benefit by our respecting each other’s skills and strengths with a deeper understanding of what each profession can offer to best help the patient.

Do you know what it’s like to work with a denturist? Would touring our office, lab, and meeting with us improve your understanding of what is done here?  We also welcome being kept informed of any new procedures your offices offer.

What are Suction Dentures?

In recent months Woodside Denture Centre has introduced and proudly offers a brand new service called Suction Dentures. For those who struggle with lower dentures that lift, float or fall out, Suction Dentures are a viable, non-surgical option for your patient.

In addition to Suction Dentures our services also include: 

o Standard or Complex Balanced Dentures
o Removable Partial Dentures
o Immediate Surgical Dentures
o Implant Supported Dentures
o Relines/Repairs
o Flippers
o Adjustments

Our team looks forward to serving your patients in the near future.

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