How to care for your Partial Denture?

  1. When placing the partial denture in, never bite it into place. This may break, bend or warp the denture or clasps.
  2. When taking them out be careful not to pull the clasping outwards. This may bend them loose or snap the clasp off.
  3. Be careful not to hold the partial dentures too tight when cleaning or in general. This may bend the clasps or framework, may even break the partial denture.
  4. When cleaning be careful not to catch the clasping on a face cloth.
  5. Never bend or adjust clasping on your own. If you are experiencing any pain or partial denture feels too tight or loose, Contact your Denturist for any adjustments.

Highly recommended that partial denture be cleaned at least once a day and removed when sleeping.

It is important to take care of your natural teeth, especially since the partial denture relies on them.

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