Surgical Denture Care


What to expect Immediate Post Surgery?

During the first 24 hours, it is recommended to not remove your surgical denture. A check-up appointment will be booked in our office for the following day. At this time your denturist will remove your denture to make any necessary adjustments as well as assist you in proper removal, insertion and hygiene.  A patient may need to use some form of adhesive to assist the retention for this transitional healing period until temporary liners can be placed.  As you will not be able to do any heavy chewing, a menu consisting of soft high-calorie foods and/or drinks such as Boost and Ensure is recommended


  • Rinse mouth with a warm salt water solution to promote healing
  • Rinse gently, not swishing hard
  • Expect swelling and discomfort
  • Take medication if any prescribed
  • Eat a high-calorie, soft diet

Do Not

  • Rinse with alcoholic based mouthwashes
  • Brush or pick at extraction sites

How to care for Surgical Dentures with Temporary Liners

  • Brush Dentures with denture brush under warm running water (NOT HOT)
  • Brush with denture specific cleaners, mouth wash or dish soap
  • Never scrub too hard or use toothpaste with abrasives
  • Rinse and dry, do not soak dentures with Temp. liners in the cleaning solution
    • The Temp. liners are porous, dentures will absorb the chemicals in denture solutions
  • Keep Adhesives to a minimal

After 1 – 2 weeks of healing time, we will be placing a temporary liner called a ‘tissue conditioner’. Once the tissue is completely healed, which may take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, only then, should a processed reline or new dentures be made.

*During this transition, everyone heals differently, this is meant as general information and may not apply to all individuals.

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