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As stated

  • With your Surgical Dentures you will be expected to continue follow up care in our office during the following year, as your oral tissue and supporting bone undergo changes.
  • It will take between 6 months to a year for the changes in your mouth to stabilize
  • The healing and adjustment period varies with every individual
  • Temporary liners (tissue conditioners) will be placed in your denture during this time to assist the fit, function, comfort and the healing process.

What are temporary liners

  • Also Known as Tissue Conditioners
  • As the supporting bone heals it starts to shrink away from the dentures, this creates space.
  • The space between dentures and your gums can cause:
    • Looseness
    • Discomfort and/or sore spots
    • Instability and/or gagging
    • difficulty in chewing or getting used to dentures
    • possibility of cracking dentures
  • The temporary liner is putty like material that we put in the denture to fill the space which then hardens to the shape of your gums in the denture.

Why get temporary Liners

  • Liners refit the dentures, temporarily restoring:
    • Fit
    • comfort
    • stability
    • Function
  • Getting Temp. Liners can assist you in a smoother healing process and the ability to get used to wearing dentures.

When to get Temporary Liners

  • 1st one will be placed usually 1 to 6 weeks after time of extractions when surgical dentures were placed
  • After that is up to your discretion, if Dentures are:
    • Getting To Loose
    • Causing discomfort or sore spots
    • Not stable
    • If Liners is breaking down
  • When you are using more denture adhesives than the recommended amount
  • Temporary Liners are only good in the denture for a maximum of 4 months

**When healing has stabilized, usually taking up to one year, the temp. liners are ground out and a Permanent reline is put in.**

How to care for Surgical Dentures with Temporary Liners

  • Brush Dentures with denture brush under warm running water (NOT HOT)
  • Brush with denture specific cleaners, mouth wash or dish soap
  • Never scrub too hard or use tooth paste with abrasives
  • Rinse and dry, do not soak dentures with Temp liners in cleaning solution
    • liner are porous, dentures will absorb the chemicals denture solutions
  • Keep Adhesives to a minimal

Where to get Temporary Liners

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Woodside Denture Centre

#3 – 409 1st AVE NW, Airdrie, AB T4B 3E2 Phone: 403.948.0954 | Fax: 403.948.0983

Woodside Denture Centre

#3 – 409 1st AVE NW Airdrie, AB T4B 3E2 Phone: 403.948.0954 Fax: 403.948.0983

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