What are temporary liners

  • Also Known as Tissue Conditioners
  • As the supporting bone heals it starts to shrink away from the dentures, this creates space.
  • The space between dentures and your gums can cause:
    • Looseness
    • Discomfort and/or sore spots
    • Instability and/or gagging
    • Difficulty in chewing or getting used to dentures
    • Possibility of cracking dentures
  • The temporary liner is a putty like material that we put in the denture to fill the space which then hardens to the shape of your gums in the denture.

Why get temporary Liners

  • Liners refit the dentures, temporarily restoring:
    • Fit
    • Comfort
    • Stability
    • Function
  • Getting Temporary Liners can assist you in a smoother healing process and the ability to get used to wearing dentures.

When to get Temporary Liners

  • The first one will be placed usually 1 to 6 weeks after the time of extractions when surgical dentures were placed
  • After that is up to your discretion, if Dentures are:
    • Getting Too Loose
    • Causing discomfort or sore spots
    • Not stable
    • If liner is breaking down
  • When you are using more denture adhesives than the recommended amount
  • Temporary Liners are only good in the denture for a maximum of 4 months

**When healing has stabilized, usually taking up to one year, the temp. liners are ground out and a Permanent reline is completed. **

Where to get Temporary Liners

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