Denture Engraving

Label dentures for easy identification!

If you are living in a senior’s home

  • Dentures can be easily misplaced at mealtime or laundry
  • When dentures are lost, residents may find it difficult to eat, speak, & socialize
  • Making new dentures can be time-consuming, requiring several visits to and from the dental office

If you are not living in a senior’s home?

  • There have been many cases of losing dentures during hospitalization or after an operation.

Why Label Your Dentures?

Challenging: as the resident has to adjust to his/her new denture if a set is lost.

Difficult: especially for those with dementia, as they may not tolerate having an impression taken or be able to provide feedback on fit.

Expensive: can be thousands if misplaced or lost.


Special OFFER – $80/pair Engraving Service

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