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Resilient Soft-Liner

What do you do when your mandibular lower denture is loose, your supporting ridge is resorbed, and your denture is constantly causing sores? You can see if a permanent soft-liner should be added to cushion your denture! A resilient soft-liner is a permanent liner that lines the bottom of your lower denture for a more comfortable fitting surface. Resilient soft-liners are used specifically for a complete lower denture, rarely used for complete uppers or partial dentures. Soft-liners usually don’t help the looseness, but it does help the comfort level of the denture if the individual is lacking a supportive ridge or their ridge is knife edged.

What getting a Soft-Liner entails?

  • It can be added to your new denture when it is getting made
  • If you are wanting it lined into your current denture:
    • You will need to come into the office in the morning for a new impression taken in your lower denture
    • Leave the denture over night
    • The newly lined dentures are often given back to you the following day

Soft-Liners are recommended to be relined every 1 year to 2 years because they are more porous (that means more bacteria can adhere to the soft-liner than a regular denture)

  • Insurance and senior’s coverage unfortunately only cover soft-liners every 5 years

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