Top 5 Cleaning Habits for your Dentures:

  1. Before brushing, rinse your dentures to remove any loose food or deposits
  2. When cleaning never use too hot of water as it may distort the denture, lukewarm is the most ideal
  3. Clean your entire mouth including the gums, cheeks, palate and tongue thoroughly to remove as much plaque as possible. This helps reduce the risk of oral irritation and halitosis (bad breath).
  4. Line the sink with a wet face towel to prevent denture breakage from the denture hitting the sink if it slips out of your hands while cleaning dentures.
  5. Never use toothpaste as the abrasive factor in it could scratch the teeth and make them more sus
    ceptible to staining.

Top 5 Eating Habits when using Dentures:

  1. While adjusting to new dentures, eat soft foods that are cut into small bite-sized pieces.
  2. When eating, chew slowly and consciously develop the habit of using both sides of your mouth.
  3. Gradually add more solid food until you return to a normal diet.
  4. Be mindful when eating very hot, very cold or hard foods, sharp-edged bones or shells.

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