Once you have made the decision to get dentures or dental implants, the next step is to decide where you will get them from. Quality, cost, and efficiency are important factors in making this choice, but most people end up going straight to a dentist, not knowing that in house laboratories are an option with a dentist. What most people don’t know is that the majority of dental offices will outsource their crafting to a third party laboratory, which in turn can reduce quality, lead to longer wait times, and increase your overall cost.

Wouldn’t it be great to check all boxes of quality, cost, and efficiency? The solution is to go straight to the source – an in house laboratory. In house laboratories are frequently overlooked when deciding on where to go when needing dentures or dental implants. The benefits of an in house laboratory largely outweigh the alternative option of a dentist’s office. Did you know Woodside Denture Centre does everything ON SITE at their lab.  Here are some reasons to choose Woodside for your next Denture or Implant services:

Quality – When going through a dental office you are relying on the dentist to communicate specifically what your needs are. Sometimes these requests are not clearly captured or defined, leading to the customer not being satisfied with their dental product. When visiting a denturist with an in house laboratory, there is no broken telephone – they are able to see, feel, and clearly understand exactly what it is you need.

Cost – As previously mentioned, because dental offices outsource their work to third party labs, there are additional associated costs. These costs are passed down the line and ultimately end up increasing your overall cost. The alternative of going to denturist with an in house laboratory is it will eliminate those costs that you are incurring by going through a dental office.

Efficiency – Dental offices will determine your needs and then contact a third party lab to do the work. Why not go straight to the lab yourself? This will cut out the middleman and increase the speed of which you receive your dentures. Many changes or adjustment can be done while you wait in the chair. Relines and repairs can also be done in the same day.

Woodside Bite RecordAnother area where in house labs differ from dental offices is the proximity in which the denturist and lab technician work. At an in house laboratory the denturist and technician share the same space working alongside each other. This leads to clearer communication and faster results. At a dental office, the dentist is relying on other forms of communication – phone, email, etc. – to communicate a patient’s needs. What if their office hours are different? What if phone calls or emails get missed? Although they sound insignificant, these are important factors to consider when choosing which approach you will take when getting dentures or dental implants.

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