Economy Denture


The Economy Denture is our base option, that provides the best for you within the price range. This choice in option provides you with a high-quality economy denture that is more than capable. All materials that are used are still the best in it’s class. This option includes the bite record, wax try in, teeth, and finish.

  • Basic Impressions
  • Economy VITA Multifunctional Teeth
  • Standard Compression Packed Acrylic
  • Laser Name Engraving

This option does not include

  • Suction Lower Denture
  • Custom Tray Impressions
  • Premium Vita Teeth – Anterior / Posterior
  • Improved Chewing Function
  • Premium Ivo Base Injection Acrylic
  • Clear Palate Acrylic
  • Custom Gingival Toning
  • Premium Warranty Program

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