Resilient Soft-Liner


What do you do when your mandibular lower denture is loose, your supporting ridge is resorbed, and your denture is constantly causing sores? One can look into a permanent soft-liner to cushion the denture. A resilient soft-liner is a permanent liner that lines the bottom of your lower denture for a more comfortable fitting surface. Resilient soft-liners are used specifically for a complete lower denture, rarely used for complete uppers or partial dentures. Soft-liners usually don’t help the looseness, but it does help the comfort level of the denture if the individual is lacking a supportive ridge.

Resilient soft-liners can help with comfort, but there are some notable characteristics that make soft liners not the most ideal option

  • Soft-liners are porous and tend to
    1. Discolor
    2. Harbor bacterial growth
    3. Harbor smells
  • Because Soft-Liners are porous if you smoke, the soft-liner will absorb the smell and turn black
  • If there is plaque buildup, your denturist will have to grind and polish off the excess for a small fee.
  • Soft-Liners only bond with the denture when initially processed, if your denture needs to be repaired the new acrylic will not bond with soft liner
    1. Please look at the info sheet about repairs for tips on preventing denture breakage
  • Soft liners can be sensitive so, Never Soak in harsh cleaning agents (like bleach)
  • Never self-adjust a Soft-liner
  • Soft-Liners are recommended to be relined every 1 year to 2 years because they are more porous
    1. Insurance and seniors coverage unfortunately only cover soft-liners every 5 years

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