Dentures can help you whether you’re missing a few teeth or in need of a whole new set. They can look as natural as your own teeth and can even be an improvement on your natural smile, filling out your face and giving you more confidence! There are several types of dentures available and their cost varies depending on the materials used and the necessary steps needed to make them.

Types of Dentures Airdrie

Conventional (or Standard) Dentures

Standard Dentures Alberta

Conventional dentures are made for a patient’s mouth after natural teeth have been removed and the bones and gums have healed completely, which is at least one year after extraction. After the year long healing process, a mold is cast and dentures are created to the mold and fit into the patient’s mouth. The fit is usually very good for this type of denture since the mouth has completely healed from extraction, but the time required to make these dentures can be a challenge.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures Alberta

Immediate dentures, as the name implies, are molded prior to teeth extraction and placed as soon as the natural teeth are removed. The patient won’t need to face the world without teeth, have confidence and be able to eat normally almost immediately. However, these dentures don’t always fit properly on the healing gum tissue or in the long term. They usually cost more than conventional dentures as well, since more dental visits are needed for check ups, tightening or loosening, and to alter the fit as needed.

Equilibrated Dentures

Equilibrated Dentures Airdrie

Equilibrated dentures are made with modern techniques and technology designed to create ideal form, function and esthetics. Instead of the traditional plastic prosthetic teeth, natural looking cosmetic dentures are made using five to seven layer composite teeth. They give superior chewing ability, precise fit based on both the mouth and jaw movement, ultimate comfort, stability and an extremely natural appearance. They usually require fewer visits to the dentist and function more like natural teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures Alberta

A removable partial denture is made to replace one or more natural teeth and is customized to a patient’s specific requirements. Removable partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve the ability to chew and speak clearly. They will also support the cheeks and lips to ensure you look your best and your face is full and rounded out. These are a great option for those who need to replace only a few missing teeth, rather than full dentures, and will cost effective as well.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-Retained Dentures Alberta

Implant-retained dentures are an increasingly popular option for replacing missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. When dental implants are used in conjunction with an overdenture, they can provide a patient with a fixed denture solution where adhesives like Polident are not needed! An implant-retained denture has special attachments that snap onto the attachments on the implants, keeping them perfectly in place. The time frame to create the implants needed is usually five to seven months and may require multiple surgeries, but success rates are high. Many patients with implant-retained dentures can eat foods that have typically been off limits for those with dentures, greatly increasing confident and quality of life!

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