Did your recent quote for dentures leave you wondering, why do they cost so much?  Below are some factors that help determine the price of your dentures.

Quality of Materials – From impressions to teeth, to the acrylic used, it is very important that only high-quality materials are used. It is very important because if cheaper quality materials are used the denture may be less accurate in fit causing looseness, the teeth may also wear down faster or you may experience more sore spots.

Dentures are Constructed by Hand – Every mouth is unique, not one denture is identical to another. Regardless if the dentures are outsourced to a dental lab or made in-house, dentures are handcrafted with each individual tooth being set one at a time.

Ongoing Educational Advancements – Continuing education is very important as a Denturist, so we can offer the best products and services available on the market. With dentures, in general, there are many limitations, so using advanced techniques is the key to maximize your dentures potential for success. Even though this may affect the price, finding a denturist that is well experienced with the latest technology like digital dentures can save you multiple trips for adjustments in the long run.

High-Quality Tools and Equipment – Dentures may have a certain degree of distortion depending on how it is processed. A well-equipped lab with high-quality equipment can provide you with dentures that have minimal distortion after processing. Higher quality equipment also provides the opportunity to take higher precision measurements that mimic your jaw, providing you with a better functioning denture.

Quality of Overall Dentures – There are many different qualities of dentures, ranging from economy to premium quality. When we talk about quality, it can refer to the teeth, acrylic used, type of impression materials, the occlusal scheme of the teeth, how the denture is processed and even what device is used to set the teeth to make the denture. Depending on what is used and how it is made the prices can fluctuate.

Base prices of dentures are determined according to Fee Guide set by the College of Alberta Denturist. On the other hand, insurance companies determine how much they cover based on their own fee guides and every insurance company is different. Consultations at Woodside Denture Centre are free, and a pre-determination can be done to see how much your insurance will cover.