Woodside Denture Centre has been a trusted Denture Clinic in Airdrie for over 15 years. When you are next planning to get your dentures, repair your dentures or perform any denture related activity here are the reasons why you should choose Woodside Denture Centre.

1.   Expertise and Education: Woodside Denture Airdrie has a fully equipped laboratory and experienced Lab technicians on site. This allows your denture to be catered for on-site and not sent away. They did not stop there; they also have a strong liaison with dentists in Airdrie and surrounding communities. With the newest technology and treatments, you can be confident that you the client are a priority and will be satisfied with our services.

2.   Client Experience: Woodside Denture Centre Airdrie creates a comfortable atmosphere in what can sometimes be an uncomfortable service. When moving forward with your next denture solution you can trust them to put you first, hear your concerns and take time to explain. Our clients become like family as you can hear in the following testimonials.

I can’t say enough positive things about Woodside Denture. Megan and her team are compassionate and caring human beings who truly go the extra mile for their clients. I was a transfer from another clinic, with two years of things not working out. In a dark depression, I believed I was never going to smile again. Megan and her team not only gave me my smile back, I got my life back!

The service here is incredible! Staff is “really” nice and caring. I get my mouth guard and my teeth whitening done here. I was referred to this place by many people who “always” say good things about this place. I always leave with a bright smile and someday unfortunately if I ever lose my teeth I know that forever I’ll always be with a great smile being left in the care by Megan and her team!

3.   Wide Variety of Dentures: Woodside Denture Centre offers a wide variety of dentures whose cost depends on the materials used and the necessary steps taken to make them.

i.    Relines: which is the process of restoring the retentive qualities of your denture and to prevent it from irritating your gums. This process is recommended to be carried out every two years.

ii.   Permanent Soft Denture Liners: which are resilient rubbery surfaces placed in the denture to provide a cushion; Suitable for people whose lower ridges are flat. This process can be carried out when you are new to dentures or in an existing one being relined.

iii.   Denture repair: Uses it to remedy most broken dentures to a like-new useful condition by professional reconstruction using real denture acrylic material.

iv.   Suction Dentures: Mandibular Suction presents a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics that combines a four-step fabrication technique with effective mandibular suction. Using very accurate measurements and new clinical techniques one can achieve suction and stability on a lower denture similar to the suction that you get on the upper denture.

v.    Other Services: They also have experience in Engraving services, oral cancer screening and denture cleaning, which they offer for free to new patients.

Comfortable Dentures Airdrie

They are so many reasons why you should choose Woodside Denture Centre whenever you want to get a denture or perform denture related activities. I have just mentioned a few, but you can come and experience the rest yourself. At Woodside Denture Centre our Expertise matches or Experience. To book your Free Consultation call 403-948-0954 and our team would be happy to help you!