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Dentures can help whether you are missing a few or all of your teeth. We can make your dentures look as natural as your current teeth or we can change it up if there are things you don’t like about your natural smile. It’s all up to you! Dentures may even improve your look, giving you a more confident smile and filling out the appearance of your face and profile.

There are several types of dentures available and their cost varies depending on the materials used and the necessary steps needed to make them.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant-retained dentures are an increasingly popular option for replacing missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. Implants, used in conjunction with an overdenture, provides patients with a fixed denture solution. That’s right, no more Polident or other adhesives! Many patients with implant-retained dentures can eat food they once didn’t think to try and find a greatly increased quality of life.

Premium Suction Denture

The Premium Denture is a tailored Suction Denture that provides superior function and aesthetics. Every measurement taken is to assure a more precise recording, from impressions, bite recording to the quality of instruments, equipment, acrylic, and the teeth that are used. The denture is recorded to your specific measurement, to closely mimic the movements of your jaw.

Classic Suction Dentures

The Classic Denture is an upgrade to the Economy Denture. Just like the Premium Suction Denture, every measurement taken is to assure a more precise recording, from impressions, bite recording to the quality of instruments, equipment, acrylic, and the teeth that are used.

Economy Dentures

The Economy Denture is our base option, that provides the best for you within the price range. This choice in option provides you with a high-quality economy denture that is more than capable. All materials that are used are still the best in it’s class. This option includes the bite record, wax try in, teeth, and finish.

Surgical Dentures

A surgical denture is a prosthetic appliance placed in the mouth at the time of your teeth extractions. The appliance may replace single, multiple or all your teeth.  The surgical denture will prevent excess swelling, bleeding and infection which are complications associated with dental extractions.  The benefits of a surgical denture are that it allows you to carry on both business and social obligations with minimal interruption.

Partial Dentures

When it comes to a partial denture, it means you have some existing natural teeth remaining but missing more than one. A partial denture is a removable appliance that fills in the spaces between the natural teeth with acrylic teeth. The partial denture is usually retained in the mouth through clips that hug onto the natural teeth remaining.

What are Suction Dentures?

Does your lower (mandibular) denture lift, float or fall out? You may be a candidate for a lower suction denture! The simple 4 step “Suction Effective Mandibular Denture” technique presents a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics, providing a new experience for all denture wearers.

How are Dentures Made?

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